Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Battery Storage with Solar PV

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  • Chris99
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    • Jan 2021
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    Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Battery Storage with Solar PV

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum. I would like to offer a solution for small-mid size businesses out there who want to implement solar. Full disclosure, I work for TROES Corp, we're a Canadian based company that designs and develops battery energy storage systems using LiFePO4 batteries. We have projects worldwide in Canada, USA, Mexico, UK & China.

    The unique factor of our energy storage system is that they are completely modular and hybrid to support a wide range of applications. Our most popular application is pairing a BESS with solar PV to different applications for parking lots, universities, condo buildings & more. The hybrid part kicks in that allows the system to be paired with renewables such as solar, hydro, wind, diesel-replacement, & even micro-grid.

    If anyone is interested in learning more, please visit the troes website or DM me, would be happy to be of service.

    Thanks for reading!

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