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  • Katuy
    Junior Member
    • May 2024
    • 1

    hello community

    Im Rodney ) 38 y.o from Hazel Crest

    and one fast question - I just bought this LG Panel with built in micro inverter, hoping to connect it to a mc4 connector to power a Ecoflow delta 2 max. but the connectors from the LG doesnt fit. help!
  • David Amon
    Junior Member
    • May 2024
    • 14

    Welcome to the site!

    Looking at specification sheets for the equipment you call out, the LG Panel with micro inverter puts out 240/208 AC power and the MC4 connection ports on the Ecoflow delta 2 max uses 11 to 100 Vdc for charging. It does not look like these 2 pieces of equipment are directly compatible. Even if you use the AC input on the Ecoflow it is only supposed to be 120 VAC, so that isn't going to work either. To charge the EcoFlow you would need to get a panel without a built in inverter that has a DC output voltage less than 100 V.