Case Studies Audience Development for the Arts

Wallace Foundation: Case Studies Audience Development for the Arts

The development of audiences is a major concern for arts organizations. The following study was conducted by The Wallace Foundation during the project E ​​studios Audience Development for the Arts. In it, fifty-four organizations and cultural institutions that received funding were accessed for the Wallace Excellence Awards in the years 2006-2012.

This publication - Road to Results - shows the results of the study. It effectively illustrated what cultural organizations can use to create tailored public programs. This work involved reputed developers, politicians, managers and students of cultural management.

The report draws upon the support of data from different case studies, successes and challenges facing different cultural organizations and what strategies followed for several years to develop and retain their audience.

Read the Report - Effective Practices for Building Arts Audiences

Art and Audiences - online audience experience

The ArtsAud14 Digital Audience Experience producers at this years Arts and Audiences Conference were Caron and Phil who some of you may know from AEN events. They are the DAEx team.

The DAEx Team are busy collating and editing all the media generated during ArtsAud14 and consequently 'after the fact'. Over the coming weeks leading in to the festive season we'd like to share with you the stats and stories arising from the event.

We'd also like to hear your experiences if you attended either 'On The Ground' or 'In The Cloud'

First off some pictures...
Storify has been used to compile a collection of everyones photos who snapped and tagged on Twitter and Instagram.

ArtsAA in Pictures - Day One
ArtsAA in Pictures - Day Two

Do look out for our DAEx correspondence over the next few days. Please send us any links to posts you have written. Please share with us your key action points you took back with you to your organisation, agency or practice.

I do hope you will continue this dialogue with us. This is 1 of 3, We will see how we go after that. This series of emails is part of the DAEx enquiry about meaningful context, relevence and the persistent value to a digital audience.

Best Regards
Caron Lyon @pcmcreative
- Arts and Audiences' 2014 DAEx producer 
- Audiences Europe Network community manager

ArtsAA Media Legacy Page (work in progress)


July 7


Open All Areas - Case Studies

Blog Posts

Open All Areas Visit to Belfast 3-4th March 2014

Posted by Caron Jane Lyon on March 15, 2014 at 15:46 0 Comments

Fifteen delegates from the 'Open All Areas' programme participated in the morning session of the conference. The networking breakfast provided not only amazing views of the Titanic Quarter, thanks to some unexpected sunshine, but also a first chance to meet arts managers and practitioners from across Northern Ireland. The group then heard the Conference opened by ANI Chair Eileen Mullan…



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2 Days to do something special this christmas

Started by Caron Jane Lyon Dec 14, 2014.

Would you take part? Will you do something for me?

Started by Caron Jane Lyon Dec 6, 2014.


Network Manager - CJ's Blog

The Digital Audience Experience - Continuity Studio

For Arts and Audiences this consisted of a comfortable seating area in a circle formation. Below is a selection of photos from the DAEX Arts and Audiences continuity studio. The Continuity Studio The Continuity Studio and Bloggers Lounge are audience...

The Digital Audience Experience - insights

The provision of watching a live-stream from experience and anecdotally is not a comparable option to attending 'in the flesh' or as I have come to refer to it, being 'on the ground'. 'Sitting' on the livestream can be a lonely experience. You have to physically set yourself aside and use headphones, especially if you are at work in an office environment. You have to be separate to listen out loud. You don't get to chat to fellow delegates, you don't get a goodie/swag/bonus bag and you don't get the change of scenery. A change is as good as a rest so the adage goes.

When the PCM Bloggers Lounge was born.

PCM (Caron Lyon and Phil Campbell) offer for those who want more from their live stream a Digital Audience Experience (DAEx) for live performances, festivals and conferences in association with Audiences Europe Network.

AEN Partner Organisations

We are currently working on a European-funded project under the Grundtvig programme called Open All Areas. Click on the links to find out more about the AEN Partners organisation:

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